Local City SERPS

We recently spoke to a local city SEO company out of Oklahoma City, Impulse Technologies, about how the SERPS have changed over the years.  Here is their take on it.

SERPS change about every three to six months.  Each major search engine changes their algorithms for their search engine optimization requirements.  The most recent update was back in February, it was called Mobilegeddon.  If your website was not mobile friendly, it took a bit hit on mobile searches.  All of the major brands of search engines have their own take on how they would rank a site with and without mobile friendly content.  Our clients where not affected.  Every client that we service has their site updated as we take them on as a client.   Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a fine balance of great content, updated website code, and having a good market presents in your local state for your brand or product.  Follow these easy guidelines, and your site will survive the updates.